Penny Widdison

Textile Artist

~ creativity and discovery through stitch ~

All face-to-face teaching is on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stitch Techniques

Penny is a member of the Quilters' Guild and the independent stitch group 'Take a Stitch 2 Durham'. She is able to offer short workshops to small groups of adults to kickstart learning different stitch techniques using traditional embroidery and contemporary creative textiles.

A modern colour wheel using hand stitch variations: six colours, six stitches, six inch hoop.

Mono-printing with stitch: Create a small hand printed and hand stitched panel:

Textile postcard art: Use eco-dyed fabric and bound washers to create a unique stitched postcard (can be used as the front of a greetings card)

A cheery greetings card: Create flowers in a vase using suffolk puffs and hand stitch

A modern sampler: Use found or discarded objects with hand stitch: