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About Penny

Penny explores her creativity through mixed media and stitched textiles. Since retirement she has completed various courses with Tracy A Franklin (Royal School of Needlework at Durham) for traditional hand embroidery and, creative contemporary stitched textiles with Sian Martin at (Distant Stitch).

Inspired by the natural environment, she draws influence from her surroundings whether that be the landscape and geology of an area or a country-side walk. Penny enjoys travel especially to places where there is fine architecture, museums and very different cultural heritage. 

In her themes, Penny looks for the fine detail to explore new ideas.  Her works in mixed media and stitch draw on her skills of traditional hand embroidery alongside contemporary techniques.  She often uses eco-dyeing to create colour and patterns on fabrics, threads and papers for her work to create textural and colourful interpretations.  Recent work includes manipulating digital images to highlight and emphasise the unusual.

Recycling fabrics and found objects is becoming an important part of her textiles. A recent work “Meandering thoughts” uses rusted objects on fabric and threads, to make an emotional statement on the difficulties faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Penny is a member of the Quilters' Guild and the independent stitch group 'Take a Stitch 2 Durham'. She is part of a small group of fellow textile enthusiasts called 'Green Stitch'.

Penny is a member of Interface Arts Durham. (This link goes to an external web page).