Robin and Penny Wedding day

Penny & Robin Widdison

About us

Having completed their working careers Robin and Penny are now both very happily retired spending time on their hobbies, visiting offspring, travelling, and generally being laid back (lazy).

Living in the centre of Durham allows Robin and Penny to visit the magnificent Cathedral frequently. When not in the Cathedral itself,  Robin can take a virtual tour from his armchair; designed by his own fair hand.

Penny is sometimes known as the "Mad Cat Lady", currently sharing their home with two demanding furry people. These two arrived in 1999 as kittens, from the Newcastle cat shelter. Tom, the fluffy one and Phoebe the sleek senior cat. Both have great personalities believing that they own the house and we are their staff!

kittens just 10 weeks old Tom Phoebe

Enjoying an interesting hobby

Penny on Siccar Point; Hutton's Unconformity