Penny Widdison


Having completed their working careers Robin and Penny are now both very happily retired spending time on their hobbies, visiting offspring, travelling, and generally being laid back (lazy).

Penny's hobbies include travelling, gardening, mixed media textiles (especially hand embroidery), a bit of photography, walking and, in fair weather cycling. She is also very keen on cooking, making preserves and baking, as well as enjoying good food & wine with friends.

Robin enjoys a similar range of interests (except for the sewing), and is particularly interested in art history.  He enjoys designing websites especially when set a challenge.  

He is very partial to a cheese straw and other products from Penny's culinary expertise.

Travelling usually includes visits to galleries, sites of archaeological interest, or rugged breath-taking landscapes. Since meeting in the mid 1990's, Robin and Penny have travelled to many interesting places.